Mayoral Contenders Recruit Madison Nguyen’s Endorsement

Madison Nguyen’s third place finish in the San Jose mayor’s race hasn’t left her completely in the cold. While she didn’t make the runoff, an interesting recruitment dynamic is now taking shape. Nguyen, who will term out of her council and vice mayor position at the end of this year, is the top remaining endorsement prospect for Dave Cortese and Sam Liccardo, who finished first and second in the mayoral primary, respectively. Both men have reached out to Nguyen, but she’s playing her cards close for the time being. There’s speculation that Nguyen could throw her support behind Cortese’s bid in exchange for his support if she runs for his county Board of Supervisors seat in a special election next year—assuming he wins. But that’s hogwash, according to political knowitalls, who say Cortese would never turn his back on the (labor) family. Sources tell Fly that state Assemblymember Nora Campos, a Cortese ally, was telling other candidates in this past election cycle that she’d only endorse them in exchange for supporting her future run for Cortese’s still-warm seat. That’s a long-view approach, and word is she’s been bundling big money to pass off to the local Democratic party and South Bay Labor Council, which can then support her with no expenditure limits. Fly has also learned that county supe Cindy Chavez has already been warning people that Cortese’s seat is fated for Campos. If everything holds then, a reunion between Nguyen and labor seems like a stretch, leaving her with the resigned task of backing fellow Measure B advocate Liccardo. But timing is everything, and the urgency to get Nguyen’s support is real. Her supporters included a coveted block of Vietnamese voters, who often vote for individuals over issues. Word is Liccardo, known for his in-n’-out public appearances, will need to give more than lip service to gain Nguyen—and her backers’—support sooner than later.

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  1. > Fly has also learned that county supe Cindy Chavez has already been warning people that Cortese’s seat is fated for Campos.

    Wow! This will likely save a lot of money on campaigns and elections.

    I was wrong about Cindy. She really is fiscally responsible and genuinely trying to cut the cost of government.

  2. VM Madison Nguyen isnt running for Cortese seat. She lives in CS #2. My prediction…she endorses Cortese and will be on Labor’s good graces for her run in the 27th Assembly district to replace Nora. Assuming there is a special election. But Nora will not beat out Chuck Reed or Otto Lee for the seat. Nora is history her base which is not big anymore is more in Cindy’s area.

  3. It would be disappointing if Madison Nguyen were to taint her reputation by associating herself with the likes of Terry Gregory, Ron Gonzales, Cindy Chavez, George Shirikawa Jr, Nora Campos, Xavier Campos and Ben Field, from whom a most unpleasant aroma has been fouling the political air in San Jose for far too long.

  4. I predict she endorses Liccardo or no one at all…she turned her back on corrupt labor and she is not going back… I think her and Sam get along well and he has not been as dismissive as Cortese was towards her during the campaign. Dave treats Madison like a child, whereas Sam treats her as the peer she is.

  5. maybe there was some truth to the idea that the right wingers errr i mean Reed and Liccardo convinced Herrera to run to counter Nguyens campaign hmmmmm can someone say BACKSTABBERS lol and you people could continue to hammer on labor all you want but come november all the scores will be settled….here’s to hoping for a high turnout because that would be the worst case scenario for REED/LICCARDO lol scared of people voting – so they place Measure B on a June primary ballot where turnout is the lowest.

    • You hit the nail on the head.. With a double arm overhead swing of a 20lb sledge hammer!

      Hence all of the “$650 million” talk.. Along with the rush to put Measure B on the ballot.. I wonder how much extra in fees (or guaranteed favors) were doled out to Meyers Nave to get the aforementioned unconstitutional measure scribbled out.

      Most of the Measure was probably scribed up in crayon on children’s placemats between OJ’s, the rotunda cafe, and an assortment of the restaurants up and down the SJC terminals..

    • Anthony, The rumors that you have spread and the polls you have quoted lack any citation. When you attempt to pontificate fiction and disguise it as fact – you should really try to do a better job at it. When you are making up numerous stories, it means your side is losing. To reduce Rose Herrera, a woman who has succeeded in her own right to a shadow candidate while ignoring FORREST WILLIAMS PRETEND RUN to make Dave’s endorsements from union appear “competitive” is laughable. He didnt file any paperwork, yet said he was running and competing for union support…that is a shadow campaign of the most obvious kind.

    • There is no more evidence behind the idea that Liccardo recruited Herrera to counter Nguyen than the idea that Nguyen recruited Oliverio to counter Liccardo. The idea didn’t result from some piece of evidence or investigative journalism revealing collusion between Liccardo and Herrera, but rather from an article written by a political consultant, Rich Robinson, who has consistently made a living by working for labor candidates, who justified presenting the non-fact by saying it was a “rumor”.

      Democracy is an open discourse about how public policy is formulated. These tactics of speculation and baseless accusing hurts that discourse, because it is inherently dishonest. Other supporters of Cortese in the labor community resorted to these tactics when it came to their FPPC charges against Liccardo, which were thrown out because they were baseless and totally unsubstantiated.

      Take a moment to seriously look at what you’re saying, and ask yourself why, if you’re correct about Measure B and the policies at stake in this campaign, you don’t solely focus on the issues, instead of resorting to these character attacks based on literally nothing?

      • touched a nerve lol REED/LICCARDO and the $650mil LIE to sell the war in Iraq to the oh i mean measure B lol yupp touching nerves from now until november!!

  6. Not sure if Liccardo and Reed encouraged Herrera to run, but the votes Herrera siphoned from Nguyen probably cost Nguyen the chance to run against Cortese. If so, why would Nguyen possibly support Liccardo for stabbing her in the back?

    • Observation and Anthony, the blatant sexism in implying Rose and Madison are simply female candidates that cancel each other out is a new low. To say that men convinced a City Councilwoman to cancel out another candidates vote rather than Rose believing she could be a good mayor of San Jose, is offensive. It seems everyone on City Council has ambition to be mayor nowadays. Madison and Rose are both ELECTED officials…dont reduce either of them to also-rans to try to support Cortese.

    • If you’re not sure that Liccardo encouraged Herrera to run, how do you know he stabbed Nguyen in the back?

  7. Hey Robert, Both you and Observation reducing Madison and Rose to simply female candidates that compete for the same exact votes is sexist and disturbing. Both Madison and Rose are ELECTED officials, stop treating them like token female candidates. To reduce Rose to an also-ran, while seemingly elevating Forrest Williams ‘non-campaign’ to pretend union endorsements were “competitive” is the height of hypocrisy.

    Could the same be said about Dave running against Cindy in 2006? Did Reed convince Dave to run to split labor vote, so possibly Pandori makes runoff instead of her?

    • Ask me if I give a damn about what you think. Why is it every political conversation these days has to revolve around if someone is making a sexist remark or not? Why is it modern politics is this game of “OH LOOK AT THE SCREWED UP THING SO AND SO SAID! THEY’RE BAD!” instead of “Is this person a decent representative of their constituents?”

      You want to play the semantics game? Fine.. lets play. Nowhere in mine, nor observations comment was there a remark about “Stealing the woman vote” Madison and Rose both have a high number of Viet constituents in their respective districts. Our comments could have just as easily been about that. Given that we didn’t really specify what the criteria of vote siphoning was, you’re just putting words in our mouths.

      • A relative of a mayoral candidate trying to feed into a conspiracy theory about Rose’s candidacy is beneath you. Rose should be given the benefit of the doubt in why she decided to run for mayor. You just said that the most insightful comment on this blog, is a comment that says someone told her to run in the Mayoral primary in an attempt to split a vote. You, sir, reduced Ms. Herrera to an also-ran.

        If we continue the same theme of the conspiracy theory that you endorsed: Did Chuck convince Dave to run in 2006, in an attempt to split the pro-labor vote with Cindy in an effort to get Pandori through to the runoff? It would have been wrong of me then to not think Dave could make decisions for himself, and it is wrong of you now to think the same of Rose. Do you understand how irresponsible your support of these types of conspiracy theories are?

        • So now you shift your argument from a “Pro-Feminist” to a “Marginalizing” and “conspiracy”. Can you tell me what part of observations comment I was agreeing with by looking at my comment? I sure as hell can’t, and I wrote the damn thing.

          and FYI I’ve campaigned for both Rose and Madison. These ladies know I have a tremendous amount of respect for them, no matter how you try to slant this. Semantics, putting words in peoples mouths, you are the irresponsibility in politics my friend, not I.

          Now excuse me, I’ll show myself the door out of your BS.

    • SJC,
      Go back and reread what I posted. I never said Herrera siphoned off votes because she was a woman. That was only your assumption, which was wrong. You then took that wrong assumption, and went on a rant over your indignity, based on a false conclusion. I also never said that Liccardo or Reed put Herrera up to running. Herrera had no chance of winning, so I do wonder why she entered the race. She did draw votes from Nguyen, for many different reasons, and did in fact act as a spoiler, and it did help LIccardo. I listened to several political scientists and reporters who have covered many San Jose races, and they said the same thing about Herrera siphoning off voters from Nguyen and acting as a spoiler in the primary. Liccardo is a shrewd politician, and he had to have known Herrera would siphon off voters from Nguyen, as he was in serious danger of being bumped out of the race by her. I simply proposed a question; did Herrera get put up to run to siphon off votes, and why would Nguyen support someone if they did put Herrera up to running?

      • Rose has too strong a character than to allow anyone to ‘put her up’…. to me, that is akin to questioning whether Reed ‘put up’ Dave in an attempt to siphon votes from Cindy to get Pandori in the runoff… regardless of who you support they both deserve the benefit of the doubt. That is getting down in the mud based on unsubstantiated theories that unfairly damage the character of public servants on all sides.

      • I wouldn’t waste my time with this one Observation and I’ll tell you why. It’s pretty apparent to me that SJC’s intended target was me.

        The last few years everyone in local politics has gotten to know me really well. Some folks see me as nothing notable. A relative of Dave/Dom Cortese trying to ride their coattails. 1/2 these people wouldn’t be nearly so on my tail if I didn’t share a last name with them, somewhat of a disadvantage for me. Others have gotten to know me, and know that I’m actually a hardworking, OK guy. That’s pretty much it right now. I’m in charge of nothing, I’m not running for anything, and anything I would run for is so far off, it’s off radar.

        Stiill though it’s that possibility, the way people like SJC treat me, that’s insightful (at least for me it is) I understand fully that somewhere out there, someone feels that slighted by me that it must become their mission, their good little soldier duty to come at me.

        At this point, I don’t know what else to do about it except stay involved in the local political scene, not because of who and what I know, but because of who and what I don’t know. Who is this SJC person? Why are they paying this much attention to me? What is their issue?

        • Thanks Robert….Your family seems very honorable and hardworking. Sorry you get targeted because of your family name. I wish Dave the best of luck in the mayor’s race, and I think he is the person needed at this time as mayor to heal some of the wounds of this current administration.

    • it seemed to me that Herrera was not well prepared in her participation of candidate forums, was Herrera really a serious candidate? Nguyen was definitely a serious and prepared candidate. Hey the idea was put out there so whether you like it or not SJC that’s just the way the cookie is crumbling. I also keep asking about Liccardo’s not so strong showing in every district – if he wasn’t first, he wasn’t second whereas Cortese was either first or second in just about every district that i saw. Cortese is the best candidate to lead San Jose!! Change!!

      • You still have yet to show us these polls. Also, your insults about Rose are very disrespectful. As someone who probably has yet to run for public office – you neednt be one to throw stones. Ultimately, the voters of San Jose will decide but conspiracy theories by CORTESE SUPPORTERS about Rose Herrera’s intentions are beneath you. When i read yours and others denigrating comments towards both Rose and Madison, I think of Teddy Roosevelts ‘in the arena’ should read it sometime.

        • polls? try election results smarty pants……all of a sudden you guys want to play nice, i was just saying that’s what i heard lol you didn’t hear?

          • Oooo election results you say…..In this here thing we call a runoff you need to achieve 50% +1 vote. Dave with the consolidated labor vote behind him could only muster 33%. This 33% is approximately the same amount that Cortese and Chavez garnered together in 2006 in the first round (where Dave was the far weaker labor candidate (why did he run? was he urged? did he not like cindy?). We all know how that election turned out….and if you don’t, spoiler alert: Cindy lost by 20 percentage points :)

          • that was then……this is now, big difference!! spoiler alert!! Didn’t Cortese beat mr i was planning on finishing second Liccardo by about 25%….just saying. See you in november!!

  8. I will copy and paste for you:

    Observation: Not sure if Liccardo and Reed encouraged Herrera to run, but the votes Herrera siphoned from Nguyen probably cost Nguyen the chance to run against Cortese. If so, why would Nguyen possibly support Liccardo for stabbing her in the back?

    Robert (You): Most insightful comment in the thread. Madison is a good lady, I hope she swings her endorsement Dave’s way too.

    Me: EVERYTHING about Observation’s comment had to do with either the conspiracy theory of Sam and Chuck encouraging Herrera to run, and what Madison should do about it.

    So I don’t put words into your mouth – What was it about Observation’s comment that you found so insightful then?

  9. Robert, My last question and I will not direct any more towards you in this thread: Do you or do you not believe that Rose entered the race on her own free will because she felt she was the best candidate for mayor? And do you dispute the notion that she entered the race for any other reason.

    • What was it about Observation’s comment that you found so insightful then?

      Madison swinging her endorsement towards Dave. I thought that was pretty damn insightful. Now STFU.

      • Now answer my last question: Do you or do you not believe that Rose, your friend, entered the race on her own free will, because she thought she was the best candidate for mayor – just like every other candidate?…….meaning do you agree that Obsarvation’s conspiracy theory is ridiculous.

  10. Robert, No need to shout….To recap: The questions that resulted in Robert’s non-answers: one, the basis of Why Rose decided to run for office and secondly, whether or not Dave ran in 2006 at the urging of Chuck to split the pro-Labor Union vote with Cindy to potentially help Pandori get into the runoff.

    Goodluck in the campaign, and I hope you are able to keep a cool head :)

    • Maybe if you weren’t playing games trying to trip me up over my own words, I would happily answer your questions. No, I haven’t lost my cool, because if I had I would have been falling right into your little game.

      You are what’s wrong with modern politics. Issues and representation are a thing of the past, it’s image and what can I do to slander the other guy so I can win now. Sorry, by answering, I let you win that game. By refusing to answer any of your insinuating, negative questions, I take that power back.

      Tell you what, if my opinion on this is really that important to you, how about we meet over coffee? No, you won’t do that. I already know this. If I am wrong, meet me at the DCC meeting tonight.

      • I know not to meet labor leaders for coffee: jk

        Regardless of political positions, Both Sam and Dave are decent people and by creating ideas of backroom deals of shadyness – it reduces them as human beings and the electoral process as a whole. Dont give in to that.

        This is not a trap, id really like to hear your feedback and would like to make it known what you think – so you can clarify in your own words.

        After the election, we can meet up at Original Joes to wish whomever the next mayor is success over beers. How does that sound?

  11. Illegal immigration: Cortese vs. Liccardo.

    Would anyone care to offer up an opinion as to whether there is a dimes worth of difference between these candidates with respect to their opinions and proposed policies on illegal immigration?

    What do they have to say about San Jose being a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants?

    Do they support or oppose the city’s use of “E-verify” to determine whether applicants for city jobs are U.S. citizens?

    Do they care if applicants for city jobs or city employees are U.S. citizens, or are they going to look the other way?

    Are they going to call anyone who asks questions about illegal immigration a “nativist” or a “bigot”?

    What do they propose to do with the soon to arrive bus loads of miserable, diseased, exploited children pushed across the U.S. southern border by human traffickers, corrupt governments and Latin American drug lords?

    Is either candidate going to get a photo op with Nancy Pelosi hugging the illegal alien children, or with Barbara Lee handing out lollipops to them?

    Is either candidate going to accept being told by the Obama administration that they are not allowed to see the numbers detainees and living conditions in the camps where the illegal alien children are being held?

    Maybe we could have an election based on some issue other than “which candidate is not Chuck Reed”.

  12. Boy, talk about radioactive!

    No Cortesian or Liccardosian is going anywhere NEAR the illegal immigration issue.

    Illegal immigration and human trafficking of children is only something going on in an alternate universe far, far away.

    Oh, well. Back to talking about how awful Chuck Reed is.

    Tribal politics has nothing to do with issues and everything to do with cults of personality.

    • Ours is a unique city in that it has always been impervious to the influence of outside events. San Jose is magically immune to external influences such as the influx of millions of poor, non English speaking people into our country. Here in San Jose, illiteracy, gang violence, shortages of “affordable housing”, and the “achievement gap”, have all appeared spontaneously, without warning, and were impossible to prevent.
      But none of these are really problems anyway- just opportunities for more city programs and of course a bigger, better, police department that in no way discourages the mysterious presence of thousands of illegal aliens.

      • teabagger living in SAN JOSE lol how ironic!! what is that in english? saint jose? be a true teabagger and insist everybody call it saint jose lol

        • omg a scumbagger douchebagger in our midst lol lol no Anthony lol I lol think the lol English for lol San Jose is lol Saint Joseph lol lol omg wysiwyg nimby smh haw haw haw lmao roflmao.

          • do you know the way to saint joseph lol good job on clarification teabagger……this is the americas lol speak english lol north america – central america – south america lol speak english says the europeans lol……hey you’re the one who claims to be you’re the people = teabagers!!

  13. Yoo Hoo!

    I know you’re out there.

    Cortesians. Liccardosians.

    What is your leader going to do about illegal immigration?

    “SOURCE: FEDS To Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters”

    Is Mayor Cortese going to double down on San Jose as a “sanctuary city”?

    Is Mayor Liccardo going to use e-Verify to make sure that city employees are U.S. citizens?

    Is Mayor Cortese going to goose up police pensions so that the SJPD SWAT teams can crack heads of anti-immigration protesters with the confidence that the Union’s candidate will anesthetize their consciences with cash and fat pensions?

    Is Mayor Liccardo going to cancel Sharks games so he can turn SAP center into a ICE Resettlement Center for “Dreamer” children pushed over the southern US border by human traffickers.?

    There IS an election going on, isn’t there?

    We still do elections in Obama’s America, don’t we?

    Right now, the election is a toss-up.

    Cortese is NOT Chuck Reed.

    Liccardo is NOT Chuck Reed.

    I don’t know what to do.

    • Well SJOTB you finally got a response- I think Anthony eloquently articulates the thought process that goes on within the Democrat tribe.

      • I think Anthony is trying to grunt out his tribalist judgment that you and I belong to an enemy tribe.

        But why guess. We could ask Rich Robinson to translate.

        • hey it must suck for you teabaggers to live in california right!! especially silicon valley/sf bay area/central coast – the most beautiful place on the planet and a beautiful blue to boot!!

          • Anthony, The fact that you think Cortese finished 25 percentage points ahead of Liccardo is hilarious – you are entitled to your own opinions… not your own facts. Try 7 percentage points, and less than the amount he and cindy achieved together when he challenged her to be labor’s top beneficiary and lost. However feel free to proceed as if Cortese won by 25 percent – that explains your arrogance on some of your posts…but nothing wrong with that.Dave is fortunate to have you as a supporter – just dont make up statistics to benefit an argument – it comes across as weak.

          • 43k+ to 33k+…..seems to me to be about 25% more lol 7% would have been 44k to 41k or 35.5k to 33k lol glad i can make your head spin dip wad…..liccardo having teabaggers for supporters comes across as weak in true blue silicon valley…..see you in november teabagger. how’s that for arrogant!! hilarious!!

      • i like butting heads with you teabagers all day every day….that’s what i’ve always considered anonymous blog boards for – insult fests……and you dummies think these are for serious debate lol pin heads!!

        • > ….that’s what i’ve always considered anonymous blog boards for – insult fests……and you dummies think these are for serious debate lol pin heads!!

          Well, there goes the neighborhood.

          Gresham’s Law says bad money drives good money out of circulation. And the same applies to blogs.

          If SJI wants to preserve it’s forum, it needs to find a way to make Anthony go away.

          Tribalists have always usurped territory and preyed on neighboring tribes. That’s why cities with walls and gated communities were invented.

          • i tried doing that years ago…appealing to a newspaper to stop harrassing commenters from launching vile comments at a grieving family who were victims of gang violence to no avail……lol if SJI wants to preserve it’s forum lol……good try though. i’m not launching vile comments at you all, i’m just jabbing you in the nose. pretty much what you all do too. all of a sudden you all want to play nice.

  14. teabaggers in saint jose lol are you a united state lol cause american to me means north/south and central americans lol the americas lol go back to europe if you won’t welcome other americans like you were welcomed.

  15. To Anthony, anyone who doesn’t support his candidate automatically become “teabaggers”….Let me guess, if you lived in District 5 you would have voted for Xavier Campos…. so I will call him ‘Anthony the Arithmetic Challenged Accomplice”. Since you stick with the same candidates, I still gotta ask – who did you support in 2006 Cindy or Dave? and why? Please enlighten people coming into the process how Dave would be diferent from Cindy :-)

      • What is up with the link to cartoons, Donna…SJI has yet to create a children’s section, but when they do, you should repost this there. Although, make some of your cartoons black and white, so your peers can print out and color them in.

        • SJC’s comments belong in the cartoon section lol when you can make the republicans seem not so bad of a group you know you have reached new lows lol teabagging is a fad, always was a fad…..jokers – don’t tread on me looking like morons in their colonial suits lol ya thats the teabag party!!

    • i don’t live in San Jose stupid lol does that mean i can’t comment here? i just hate teabggers as much as teabaggers hate The President. Teabaggers are easy to spot…..teabagger.

      • Anthony, Was your next sentence going to begin with ‘I’m rubber, you’re glue…”. I guess you haven’t had your Enfamil yet :-).

        • my next sentence is gonna be – teabaggers want to send all the immigrants home with no plan on who is going to harvest the crops lol teabaggers are opposed by the business/farmer community haha….go pick my lettuce you dip wad SJC

          • Wow attach the word ‘bigot’ to Anthony’s profile……..denigrating immigrants and laughing at their plight is quite offensive. Anthony, Has your child taken over your account, because I have seen a dramatic deterioration of the quality of your posts over the course of the past two weeks.

          • takes one to know one? lol all of a sudden you dip wads want to pretend that there is such a thing as compassionate conservatism lol that was the spark that led to the teabag explosion which in turn led to the implosion of the republican party lol. hey you own it dip wad!! go pick my lettuce teabagger!!

  16. No need to take offense to Anthony’s comments, he is simply a juvenile who is acting out because he lives on the outskirts of town, hoping his family moves him to San Jose for a better life..haha ‘dip wad’ :-) – priceless…not sure where you sre getting these Republican references from – havent brought up immigration once.

    I am friends with a decent amount of Cortese supporters and they are all great people – just know Anthony does not speak for them. Anthony, how about you wait until after your teething phase to post any more comments.

    • How about you putting your dentures back in your mouth……mr old angry #%*[email protected] guy = teabagger lol and i call you dip wad because it should get the same effect as calling you dip you know what without being so vile. hey and i still can consider you a friend….you haven’t burned me yet!!

      • I guess since you appear to have mental capacity and vocabulary of a toddler, anyone you come across who can string a few sentences together must seem old and angry by comparison.

        So impassioned for someone who cannot vote. Am I wrong about your age, and your involvement in local politics message boards is part of a fourth grade local government project? If so, best of luck! Just know if you use that language on the playground, you will most likely find yourself in timeout or detention, mister. :-)

        • lol the old whiny man get’s his feelings hurt lol after he tries with all his might to hurt others feelings lol all of a sudden you dips want to play nice lol

          • Why are you crying Anthony – did someone put you in timeout for complaining and not reinforcing your “facts” with any real evidence – ‘havent you heard lol teabaggers’ isnt providing any proof of anything…but I guess since you are posting between Mister Roger reruns I cannot expect any more mature dialogue

          • crying lol is that the same as whining? mr mature lol all of a sudden the teabaggers want to play nice lol what a joke!!

  17. > I am friends with a decent amount of Cortese supporters and they are all great people

    At last! A Cortesian sighting.

    Could you track them down and shoot them with a truth serum dart and ask them what they think that Cortese thinks about illegal immigration, human trafficking, e-Verify, sanctuary cities, re-settlement of “Dreamer” children in San Jose, chain-migration of “Dreamer” children parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and houseguests, isolation of illegal immigrant children in resettlement camps with child abusers, pedophiles, pornographers etc without Congressional of press access?

  18. inside the bubble lol teabaggers live in their own little world – the united whiners of america “UWA”

    • Clever little “ANTHONY”:

      Payback is a-comin’:

      You’re putting Dithering Dan Pulcrano in a bind and he can’t get out of it.

      He knows that “teabagger” is a slur on multiple levels, and against multiple groups.

      His problem is that the leaders of the “progressive” tribe (Obama, Biden, Reid, etc.) have gleefully validated the use of the slur, and Dithering Dan knows he MUST protect the tribe.

      So, meanwhile, Dithering Dan . . . dithers. And reassures employees at Metro newspaper that “teabagger” ISN’T a slur like … you know … “slavish”, or “illegal alien” … or “clean and articulate” black person, etc. etc.

      So presumably, life goes on a Metro headquarters. Business as usual.

      Cute, clever, witty, ironic interoffice memos addressed to “Metro teabaggers”. Ha! Ha!

      (Wink, wink. You know what we mean. WInk. WInk. Those stupid Tea Party-ers don’t know what it REALLY means. We’re so smart).

  19. lol to me it’s just one group – moronic teabaggers, multiple levels multiple groups lol yaaa

    • > lol to me it’s just one group – moronic teabaggers, multiple levels multiple groups lol yaaa


      When did you first realize that you were a lot smarter than most other people?

      When did you first notice that other people recognized that you were a lot smarter than they were?

      Tell us again, which candidate for mayor are you supporting?

      Does that candidate for mayor recognize you as a “supporter”, or as a “plant” trying to embarrass his campaign?

  20. lol inside the bubble – thinking he’s outside the bubble lol – hey moron……change is a comin’ lol see you in november bright eyes!! good try at spin dip wad!!