Economic Development, Mayor’s Race Present Chamber Quandry

No one in the San Jose mayor’s race received enough votes to get an endorsement from the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce PAC, but it appears the committee considers one candidate especially bad for business. A source tells Fly that the PAC can’t give formal support to anyone but is expected to hand out max campaign contributions ($1,100) to council members/candidates Rose Herrera, Sam Liccardo, Madison Nguyen and Pierluigi Oliverio. County Supervisor Dave Cortese, however, is not expected to receive a dime. Word is that’s not sitting well with Chamber CEO Matt Mahood, who is trying to acquire a $100,000 grant from the county to help fund a regional economic development initiative. Last year the county approved Mahood’s proposal, which requires the chamber to pony up $250,000 before a matching grant is awarded, by a 4-0 vote. But the fifth and most recent addition to the Board of Supervisors, Cindy Chavez, is apparently dead-set against the idea. “Cindy is adamantly opposed,” a source told Fly, citing the longstanding bad blood between the Chamber and the laboristas who break bread with Chavez. Mahood declined comment on the PAC’s internal workings, but he told Fly that he’s not worried about rubbing Cortese the wrong way, as the deal is apolitical. “Look, I have to live and die by whatever the PAC decides to do, and I have to work with county officials whether we endorse or not,” he said. “I can’t control what decision the PAC does, but this initiative is purely about economic development.” Mahood adds that he’s also been working with San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, and the city has already contributed $50,000 to the initiative, with another $50,000 pledged verbally.

Clarification: The headline for this post has been changed to more accurately reflect the article.

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  1. This story tells the voter everything they need to know. The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce is going to give money to the same old group of wanna be mayors/councilmembers because they have done such a great job at giving money away to big business and real estate owners. It sounds to me that Cortese is bucking the trend and they don’t like it. It is time things change.

    Vote for change.

  2. The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce has contributed $70,000; the most money in support of the measure. (Measure B)

    “We recognize the importance of Measure B, so both the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce and many other partners who felt that Measure B is important, contributed significant amounts of money to make sure that the message got out as to why it is important,” said Matthew Mahood, President of the Chamber of Commerce.

    Other big donors include:
Garden City Sanitation ($20,000)
Arcadia Development ($25,000)

    Devcon President Gary Filizetti ($25,000)

    According to city records, Arcadia Development and Devcon have had contracts with San Jose.  Garden City Sanitation is currently under contract with the city.

    “That’s a story that people need to know. Not necessarily to change their minds, but at least to be aware that the money is flowing in, in many respects, from people who have done business with the city and want to continue to business. In other words, let’s stay in the city’s good graces,” said Gerston. (NBC Bay Area political analyst Larry Gerston)

    This was taken from An article almost a year old.

  3. This video says it all the way it is….. Take a few minutes to watch… The truth shall set you free Mr Mahood

  4. You forgot Swenson Builders, Webcor Construction (who has a huge pretty building going up across the street from Mr Mahood’s office) and Robert Bothman

  5. Mr Mahood and the chamber trying to cover all their bets in hopes that any one of their money recipients keep their gravy train running. Be careful Mahood, don’t get caught being too vocal or Portly Peet Constant will stomp in and steal your job, and your lunch. Too many restaurants that Peet wants to lobby for. After all, his eating disability makes him a “protected class” and we all know how politically correct the Chamber wants to be when they pick their next shill

  6. The truth is that Mahood has been losing control of his Board for quite a while (If he ever had any control in the first place). They know that he’s a grandstander who is mostly interested in self-promotion and shmoozing. He doesn’t bring much else to the table in terms of intellect or strategy. The Chamber hasn’t been politically savvy since Pat Dando retired, and if they lose this election he’s going to be ousted. He may be ousted regardless.

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