California AG Probes Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse, Cover-Ups

For the first time ever, California prosecutors are conducting a multi-jurisdictional probe into clergy abuse cover-ups in the Catholic church.

Facebook Scandal Renews Call for Stronger Privacy Protections

The Facebook data breach has policymakers debating about how to police what’s become the most powerful industry on the planet.

Santa Clara County Activists Celebrate Bail Reform Ruling

Activists in Santa Clara County and throughout the state held rallies this week to call for an end to the money bail system.

More Silicon Valley Employers Threatening Workers with Deportation, Records Show

Immigration-related workplace retaliation claims have seen a dramatic increase in Santa Clara County and the rest of the state.

Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Order to Withhold Funding from Sanctuary Cities

A judge has blocked President Trump’s decree to withhold funding from jurisdictions that limit cooperation with immigration agents.

Politically Motivated ICE Hotline Turns Neighbors, Friends and Even Spouses into Informants

Internal call logs show that ICE’s VOICE hotline has become a way for families, friends and neighbors to snitch on suspected undocumented immigrants.

Jilted Casino M8trix Buyer Cries Foul over State Investigation

Former Casino M8trix owner Eric Swallow says the state broke the law by forcing him to sell his stake in the card club to his business partner.