Willie Brown

Bay Bridge Had to be Dedicated to a Brown

There is no question that Willie Brown deserves the honor of having a span of the Bay Bridge named after him, given his lifetime of service to the city and county of San Francisco. Considering the political heavyweights who share that last name, there isn’t an infrastructure project since 1958 that does not have a Brown imprimatur.


Why Sheriff Smith Won’t Run for Mayor

We dream of the perfect candidate in our business. The right person, at the right time, with resources to win and the perfect fit for the populace and the times. Barack Obama in President 2008, Jerry Brown Governor in 2010, Willie Brown for San Francisco Mayor 1995, and Sheriff Laurie Smith for San Jose Mayor 2014. Only the last scenario won’t happen.


Moving Van

There’s been a lot of chatter about the reasons why Van Jones had to leave his position as the green-jobs czar for the White House. One theory has it that Fox’s Glen Beck is to blame for his constant hammering about Van Jones’ past controversial statements. The line advanced here was that Beck was seeking revenge for being made the target of a boycott by the group, Color For Change (co-founded by Jones). Color For Change lobbied a number of advertisers to stop sponsoring Beck’s show.

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