Protestors Seek to ‘Shut Down’ South County ICE Office

Immigration lawyers, activists, public officials, clergy and residents rallied outside the federal immigration office in Morgan Hill Thursday.

South Bay Officials Condemn White House Plan to Deport Vietnamese Immigrants

President Trump’s push to remove potentially thousands of Vietnamese nationals from the U.S. has shaken many local families.

Santa Clara County’s Data-Mining Deal with Palantir Draws Scrutiny From Privacy Advocates

Though Palantir’s work with the county has an altruistic aim, some worry about its role in other controversial law enforcement contracts.

Silicon Valley Workers Pressure Execs to Stop Doing Business with President Donald Trump

Silicon Valley tech workers have been pressuring their company execs to sever ties with ICE and other federal agencies.

ICE ‘Mistakenly’ Allowed Into Santa Clara Co. Jails, Sheriff Says

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office violated state and local sanctuary policies by allowing federal immigration agents to interview inmates.

More Silicon Valley Employers Threatening Workers with Deportation, Records Show

Immigration-related workplace retaliation claims have seen a dramatic increase in Santa Clara County and the rest of the state.

Santa Clara County Launches Pro-Immigrant Campaign Amid Fears of ICE Crackdown

Amid panic over a potential ICE crackdown, local officials are launching a campaign to highlight the contributions of foreign-born residents.

Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Order to Withhold Funding from Sanctuary Cities

A judge has blocked President Trump’s decree to withhold funding from jurisdictions that limit cooperation with immigration agents.