South Bay Landlord Group Accused of Illegal Lobbying

An anonymous complaint accuses a landlord organization of trying to influence public policy in San Jose without registering as a lobbyist.

San Jose City Council Looks to Strengthen Lobbyist Regulations

In a bit to improve transparency, San Jose will consider increasing the frequency of its lobbying reports.

Measure B Returns Yet Again: Labor, Business Unite to Back 1/4-Cent Sales Tax Measure

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo joined labor leaders to tout the measure as a fix for the city’s short-staffed police force.

San Jose Aims for New Rent Control Ordinance by 2016

As housing costs soar and incomes remain relatively stagnant, San Jose aims to pass a new rent control ordinance by the start of 2016.

Mayor, Nearly Half the Council Broke a San Jose Election Law

The sudden realization that most of San Jose’s lawmakers are law breakers is not the best way to end summer vacation. Not that they intended to end up on the wrong side of the law, of course.