Donated Workspace Helps South Bay Nonprofits Stay Local Despite Skyrocketing Rents

Silicon Valley nonprofits stave off commercial rent hikes thank to an initiative that matches public-benefit groups with donated workspace.

SCCOE Board Candidate Gino Borgioli Touted Fake Endorsement From Sunnyvale’s Mayor

Santa Clara County school board candidate Gino Borgioli was forced to take down a fake endorsement from his campaign website.

Op-Ed: Courting Publicly-Traded Companies is Wrong Approach for ‘Capital of Silicon Valley’

Publicly-traded companies destined to follow Google to downtown San Jose aren’t exactly the companies fueling the Silicon Valley gold rush.

Op-Ed: County Should Make Sunnyvale Shelter Year-Round

If the Sunnyvale shelter closed, it would not only be a disservice to the people who stay there, but to the community at large as well.

Bitcoin Boosters Find New Disciples at South Bay Meetups

The Bitcoin bubble may be bursting, but local cryptocurrency klatches still draw hundreds of curious attendees.

Sunnyvale City Manager, Execs Receive Sweetheart Housing Loans that Are ‘Practically Free’

Records show that a handful of Sunnyvale’s city directors have benefited from loans that are nearly impossible to find on the open market.