Mercury News’ City Hall Reporter Poised to Sue over Loss of Job

The Mercury News lost a slew of longtime journalists in 2017, and the year ended with word of yet another notable departure.

Feds Sign Off On $647 Million Grant to Electrify Caltrain

Federal transportation authorities announced Monday that Caltrain will get the $647 million it needs to electrify the commuter line.

Just Guess Who Was the Biggest Punchline at Monday Night Live!

Jokes in the 23rd installment of San Jose’s annual political sketch-fest, Monday Night Live!, aimed squarely below the belt.

Leadership Group Releases Poll of San Jose Council Candidates

A new survey asks San Jose City Council candidates to weigh in on four issues: transportation, housing, education and the environment.

Council to Review Regional Transportation Tax Priorities

San Jose has released its wish list of projects for a 30-year half-cent sales tax measure slated for the fall ballot.

Telephone Town Hall Addresses Race, Police, Public Trust

Taking a cue from PBS’ “America: After Ferguson,” county leaders are inviting the public to dial into a telephone town hall Sunday to talk about race, law enforcement and community trust.

The Importance of Healthy Food Options in Our Schools

Healthy meals equal healthy minds, and as the caretakers of young minds we have a duty to ensure that the nutritional needs of all students are being met right alongside their educational requirements.