Khashoggi’s Alleged Killing Reignites Criticism of San Jose Councilman’s Trip to Riyadh

Yemeni-American activists called on Councilman Johnny Khamis to reconsider his support for Saudi investment in San Jose.

Brotopia: How the Valley’s Elite Plan to Outlive the Rest of Us

The valley’s well-to-do tech bros hope to outlive most of us—and how they’re investing their time and money speaks volumes.

Photo Gallery: President Obama, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Talk Shop at Stanford Summit

President Obama dropped by Stanford University Friday to talk tech, business and polities at the seventh annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

Billionaires Back Lab-Grown Diamonds to Disrupt Industry

Diamond Foundry, a Peninsula-based startup with A-list investors, puts a Silicon Valley spin on high-end, lab-made diamonds.