SCCOE Board Candidate Gino Borgioli Touted Fake Endorsement From Sunnyvale’s Mayor

Santa Clara County school board candidate Gino Borgioli was forced to take down a fake endorsement from his campaign website.

Op-Ed: Revisiting Silicon Valley’s Best, Worst Political Decisions

A recent column in the Mercury News listed the best and worst local decisions in the last 50 years. Here’s a few more to add to the pile.

Honda Campaign a Sinking Ship after Losing Primary, Key Staff

Mike Honda’s primary election defeat to Ro Khanna almost certainly spells deuces for the congressman, and people are jumping ship.

Lenient Sentencing in Stanford Rape Case Sparks Outrage at Judge, Mercury News Columnist

A sexual assault perpetrated by a Stanford University athlete has ignited public outrage after he came away with just a six-month jail sentence.

Mayor’s Race Gets an Education Forum

On Wednesday, the county Board of Education agreed to participate in a mayoral candidate forum on education. Educate Our State invited the Board be a partner, and the data show a thoughtful discussion is needed. Nineteen of the thirty-one districts in the county are located in San Jose, and nearly 50 percent of San Jose’s public school students test below grade level in math and English.

San Jose’s Next Mayor Can Lead on Education

There is a dangerous shortsightedness about constricting the role of mayor in San Jose and the campaign to only things that he/she can influence. Doing so makes San Jose seem small minded and insignificant. Are we not the Silicon Valley, the economic engine for the state, nation and world? Are we not the 10th most populous city in America? We must think bigger or we will lose out.

Measure B Goes to Court Again

The legal battle everyone expected over Measure B’s passage began Wednesday, as the city filed for a federal judicial review (a.k.a. “declatory relief”) and attorneys representing police and firefighters unions filed two lawsuits in state court. All of this will take months, if not years, to resolve, so we’ll focus on some of the more interesting commentary surrounding the legal battle.

Phil Bump Reappears

A familiar name showed up out of the blue today, in a New York Times article looking back at the trial of the 85-year-old Anthony Marshall, who was found guilty this week of defrauding his mother, the late Brooke Astor. The article, which tells the story of the trial through the eyes of the jury, quotes one Philip Bump—the man Fly and many others believe was the poison-pen author of the now-defunct anonymous attack blog, San Jose Revealed.