Lawsuit: SCCOE Schools Chief Jon Gundry Tried to Hide Income, Conceal Consulting Contracts

County schools chief Jon Gundry hid income and secret contracts before firing a whistleblower last year, according to a federal lawsuit.

SCCOE Hides Supe’s Contracts, Violates Public Records Act

A child porn and abuse scandal—as well as public scrutiny on how the county schools chief spends taxpayer dollars behind closed doors—has sent the Santa Clara County Office of Education into lockdown mode. The stonewalling includes violations of the Public Records Act.

The Office of Education is Failing the County’s Neediest Students

There appears to be a renewed interest in our county about the health and welfare of some of our most wounded children. My highest praise for the advocacy work being done by Judge Patrick Tondreau, presiding judge of the Juvenile Justice Court and Pam Serrano, Chair of the Juvenile Justice Commission. UPDATED Monday Feb. 21, 1:30pm.

Charter Schools vs. Status Quo

More and more I believe that public education is in grave peril. My seat on the County Board Of Education gives me a perch to view the educational world like no other. I so badly want to feel hope that we can work together to turn the system around so all students can thrive with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the 21st century. However, I am running out of hope and I am not sure enough leaders are paying attention to the game-changing drama for which we are immersed.