Sarah Winchester’s Legacy of Shopping Centers and Cinemas

The ghosts could just as easily be hiding out at Louis Vuitton at Valley Fair or Gucci at Santana Row.

Silicon Valley’s High Rents Keep People in Toxic Relationships

The cost of living here takes more than a financial toll—it’s personal. If a relationship falls apart, there’s often nowhere else to go.

City Council Considers Greater Protections for Residents of San Jose’s Mobile Home Parks

To prevent potential displacement of hundreds of low-income residents, San Jose will consider ramping up protections for mobile home parks.

San Jose May Study Commercial Development Housing Fees

The City Council will debate whether to commission a study on charging an affordable housing fee for commercial development.

‘Principal Oliverio’ Assigns Homework to D6 Candidates

District 6 candidates say Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio is trying to run the race, positioning himself as a kingmaker on his way out the door.

San Jose Considers Building Communal Housing for Homeless

As part of a regional effort to move people off the streets and into stable housing, the city of San Jose will consider building a “transitional community” for at least 100 people.

An Open Letter to Netflix

San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio pens an open letter to Netflix, which is considering its options on where to expand operations, perhaps outside of Los Gatos. Oliverio makes his case for why the DVD and online movie streaming company should consider its neighbor, San Jose.

West San Carlos: Part 2

Last month, I wrote about West San Carlos Street as one of the major boulevards in San Jose. West San Carlos is the strategic link between our city’s downtown and the Santana Row/Valley Fair area. A major parcel on West San Carlos is the site of the former Fiesta Lanes bowling alley and retail/auto center. The City Council voted this month to remove the final hurdle in the transformation of this strategic parcel by funding the construction of a housing complex that would be exempt from property tax. The vote was 10-1 in favor of approval, with my vote as the only one against this proposal.

Habitat Conservation Plan

For over 10 years, San Jose has been struggling with implementing a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). HCP is a regulation imposed by the Federal government to restore natural habitats and preserve wildlife, like the spot checkered butterfly and the burrowing owl. HCP is an unfunded mandate from the Federal government levied on local government. Federal agencies are not big on waivers or tweaks, as they have one goal and that is the regulation and job security.

Council Looks at Bike Lanes, The Row

The City Council meets Tuesday to discuss the installation of new bike lanes, fees for events at a downtown park and the expansion of corporate office space at Santana Row, amongst other items. Not on the agenda, according to city spokesman David Vossbrink, is a report expected to come out Tuesday morning from the office of State Auditor Elaine Howle, who took a closer look at Mayor Chuck Reed’s use of the number $650 million in regards to the city’s worst-case unfunded liability scenario.