More Flood Victims File Claims Against Silicon Valley Agencies

A group of flood victims have filed claims against local agencies that they say failed to protect them from the February flood.

Water District Resists Installing Low-Tech Pumps that Might Have Prevented San Jose Flood

Silicon Valley’s flood protection agency might have prevented the Anderson Dam from overflowing earlier this year, but failed to act.

Water District, San Jose Mayor Form Uneasy Alliance at Meeting on February Flood Disaster

The water district took a combative tone from the start of Wednesday’s meeting to discuss how San Jose found itself underwater.

San Jose Mayor, Water District Chair Trade Barbs in Letters about Special Meeting on Flood

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and John Varela, the local water district chair, are sparring in dueling letters about the San Jose flood disaster.

San Jose Flood Victims Plead for Help; City Admits Many Mistakes

More than 100 people packed the council chambers Thursday to demand answers about the city’s failure to warn them about the flood.

New Emails Show Water District Limited Flow of Information to City Days before San Jose Flood

Newly released emails show the SCV Water District and city were communicating well ahead of the flood. Then the communication ended.

SJ Flood Evacuation Orders Failed to Reach Many Recipients

According to a Santa Clara County memo, not everyone in the mandatory evacuation flood zones actually got the order to leave.