San Jose Inside

City Hall Takes San Jose Inside off of Prohibited Website List

To keep people on task, the city’s IT department developed a prompt back in the Internet’s toddler years—circa 1997—to notify workers that they may be attempting to visit websites prohibited by city policy. Fly was then dismayed and downright harrumphed when it learned last week that the Metro-affiliated political website San Jose Inside provoked the prompt for city workers as if it was some sort of personal blog about cats and the things they fancy.

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New SJI Features Launched

San Jose Inside is now equipped with a “tagging” feature that will make it easier to keep track of people and subjects. We have also upgraded the server software to allow for “threaded” or “nested” comments, making it possible to reply directly to a comment. As a result, it will no longer necessary to begin a post with “#7 Kathleen” or “#4 JMO” (a clever work-around invented by the SJI community).