When People Go Missing, Legal Limitations Make It Hard for Friends, Family to Find Them

When someone voluntarily goes missing, personal rights and legal restrictions make it nearly impossible for their family to find them.

Mercury News Hockey Reporter Stabbed, Suspect Still at Large

Police are still searching for a woman suspected of stabbing a Mercury News reporter at his Willow Glen home early Friday.

Op-Ed: Revisiting Silicon Valley’s Best, Worst Political Decisions

A recent column in the Mercury News listed the best and worst local decisions in the last 50 years. Here’s a few more to add to the pile.

Inside SJPD: Police Chiefs Laugh at Crime, City Rules in Emails

Over the last year, San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel and his command staff have sent emails that suggest indifference for rules on accepting gifts while also routinely disparaging civilian oversight.

Oakland A’s Receive Unknown Guidelines for Move to San Jose

After nearly four years of waiting for the MLB to approve the Oakland A’s potential move to San Jose, the office of baseball commissioner Bud Selig has finally provided guidelines for the A’s to follow, according to a LA Times report.

Q&A with County Assessor Larry Stone

We tried to do a Q&A with Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone back in late March. That didn’t happen, but it wasn’t Stone’s fault—there weren’t enough questions at the time. But here we are, three months later, and we’ve got the tax man’s answers to a couple submitted questions, relayed in a telephone conversation, as well as his thoughts on the fight between the county and Redevelopment Agencies, the odds the Oakland A’s will relocate to San Jose and how he views the local housing market five years after the subprime mortgage crisis.

Councilmembers Don’t Want to Play Ball

The territory war between San Jose and the San Francisco Giants got a bit more heated Thursday, with the minor league Giants caught in the fray. San Jose councilmembers Sam Liccardo and Pete Constant said in a memo that before the city spends $85,000 on maintenance for the San Jose Giants’ stadium, they would like to know how much Giants owners are spending to sue the city over land being saved for a potential move to San Jose by the Oakland A’s.

An Open Letter to Larry Baer

Dear Larry: We need to talk. It started a few years back, when Lew Wolff got it in his head that Oakland wasn’t the best home for the ballclub he’d recently purchased. The A’s play in a rundown stadium in a decrepit area of town in front of a dwindling—albeit loud and loyal—fanbase. The organization’s limited revenue stream prevents it from building a consistent winner and essentially makes them a ward of the league. Enter San Jose.