Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Order to Withhold Funding from Sanctuary Cities

A judge has blocked President Trump’s decree to withhold funding from jurisdictions that limit cooperation with immigration agents.

County Supervisor Dave Cortese Shuts Down Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on ‘Sanctuary Cities’

County Supervisor Dave Cortese gamely endured an interview with Tucker Carlson to discuss a court victory for “sanctuary cities.”

Mayor Sam Liccardo on Obama, Trump and the State of San Jose

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo sat down with San Jose Inside last week for an extended conversation on the state of the city.

San Jose Police Chief: City Will Not Work with Federal Govt. on Deportations under Trump

Citing “real fear” since the election, police Chief Eddie Garcia vowed to continue the city’s police of not cooperating with immigration officials.

Santa Clara County Reconsiders ‘Sanctuary City’ Policy

Under pressure from the feds and mounting political outrage over “Sanctuary Cities,” the county may revise its civil detainer policy.

County Calls for ‘Blue Ribbon’ Commission, Audit of Local Jails

Following the beating death of a mentally ill inmate, Santa Clara County leaders have called for a top-to-bottom investigation of local jails.