Anderson Dam Seismic Safety Upgrade Postponed to 2022

The Anderson Dam earthquake-proofing project will take at least two years longer and cost much more than initially planned.

Omar Torres Withdraws Challenge to 22-Year Incumbent in Santa Clara Valley Water District Race

Omar Torres has dropped his challenge to Tony Estremera for the District 6 Santa Clara Valley Water District seat.

San Jose Debates Whether to Submit Rebuttal Arguments to Evergreen Housing Measure

San Jose’s City Council will vote this week on whether to include rebuttal arguments on the ballot for the Evergreen homes initiative.

San Jose City Council to Vote on Google Village Pricing Agreement

Now that San Jose has settled on a price for several properties Google wants to buy, it’s up to the City Council to approve the agreement.

Protesters Disrupt San Jose Mayor’s State of City Speech

Sam Liccardo touted the city’s collaborative ethos and acknowledged its struggle to address housing affordability in his annual address.

150 San Jose Flood Victims Demand Their Day in Court

Some 150 victims of the 2017 Coyote Creek flood are suing San Jose, Santa Clara County and the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Santa Clara County Considers Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Disaster Response

Santa Clara County, which plays a key role in regional disaster response, is mulling the idea of using AI to brace for future emergencies.