Oak Grove Unified School District Poised to Close Four Campuses

The struggling San Jose school district still does not have a long-term solution, either for declining enrollment or its financial struggles.

State-Funded Child Care Agency 4C Council Placed Under Audit

Dramatic operating losses and reports of pension mismanagement have prompted a state audit of the 4C Council.

Local Charter Schools Miss Mark on Special Education Admissions

Annual reports given to the Santa Clara County Board of Education this past weekend show that local charter schools are not reflective of their communities when it comes to accepting special education students.

Rhetoric vs. Reality: The Charter School Debate Continues

The inflammatory rhetoric, misguided leadership and pro corporate charter school stance of county education trustee Joseph Di Salvo and others has set the stage for the current battle being waged in local school districts.

Beauchman Leaves Big Shoes to Fill on County Education Board

Trustee Leon Beauchman will step down at the end of this month from his elected seat on the Santa Clara County Board of Education. I first learned of his decision during a call from him in February. It was a bittersweet moment.

Prescriptions for Equal Access to Excellent Education

It has now been 60 years since the U.S. Supreme Court made a landmark decision to provide education equity for all children. But race and income still too often dictate the quality of the educational experience. These issues apply in our 31 school districts in Santa Clara County.

County’s Bold Steps on Education Follow FDR’s Lead Despite Lawsuits

I participated in last week’s 2014 State of the Valley conference at the Santa Clara Convention Center. One speaker referred to FDR’s concept of “bold, persistent experimentation.” It made me consider how we’ve been addressing our county’s education system, and a recent lawsuit that filed against the county Board of Education.