San Jose Unveils Land-Purchase Agreement for Google’s Planned Transit Village in Downtown

San Jose reached a milestone in its land negotiations with Google, releasing a purchase agreement that comes up for a vote next month.

Lawsuit Targets Secrecy Agreements Linked to Google’s Planned San Jose Campus

A new lawsuit filed against San Jose claims city officials signed illegal NDAs at Google’s behest to secure a $67 million land deal.

San Jose Takes Landlords to Task—and to Court—Over Scofflaw Massage Parlor Tenants

The owners of an East San Jose strip mall say it’s unfair for the city to cover the cost of policing illegal activity by going after the landlords.

Appeal Filed in San Jose Affordable Housing Lawsuit

Two cash-strapped renters are appealing a judge’s dismissal of their claim that a San Jose land-use policy flouts state affordable housing law.

San Jose Considers Controversial Wage Settlement with Republic Services, Newby Island Landfill

San Jose may be close to resolving a drawn-out legal fight with its recycling contractor over how to enforce the city’s living wage policy.

Mayor Wants City to Sue Scam Artists Preying on Flood Victims

Complaints of price-gouging contractors and negligent landlords have prompted the city to consider taking legal action on behalf of residents.