Spouse of South Bay Schools Trustee Darcie Green Tells Cops She Tried to Run Him Over

SCCOE trustee Darcie Green’s romance with a convicted abuser ended on a regrettable, unsurprisingly violent note.

Democrats in Santa Clara County Wrestle with Harassment Claims

Democrats in Santa Clara County are grappling with allegations of harassment against women within their ranks.

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Women often feel we should support other women running for office. But a few local female candidates prove the importance of substance over sisterhood.

Spouse of Assembly Candidate Darcie Green in Trouble Again

Newly available court records have unearthed more legal troubles for Darcie Green’s husband, and a split has occurred in the women’s leadership organization she leads.

Spouse of Assembly Candidate Darcie Green Changes Name, Can’t Erase His Violent Past

Darcie Green’s new husband said he took his bride’s surname to honor her family, but those familiar with his record of domestic violence think that may have had something to do with it.

Darcie Green’s Husband Takes His New Bride’s Last Name

Name recognition is the name of the game when it comes to politics, but there’s more to the decision by one local elected’s spouse to change his name.