San Jose Mayor Liccardo Responds to Criticism from Colleagues over Travel Memo

Sam Liccardo said he suggested reining in city travel only after unsuccessfully trying to talk his colleagues out of jetting to Japan this week.

San Jose Mayor Calls for Stricter Limits on City-Funded Travel

With nearly half the council on a taxpayer-funded junket, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo says it’s time to rethink the city’s travel policies.

San Jose Weighs Compromise on Union-Backed Measure Requiring Local Hires, Prevailing Wages

Developers would have to pay prevailing wages and hire local workers for subsidized projects under a proposed compromise measure.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Outmaneuvers Re-Election Challenger for Key Endorsement

Laurie Smith won two key union endorsements, making the bid to unseat her that much more of an uphill battle.

Citing Transparency Issues, San Jose May Part Ways with Santa Clara County Housing Authority

San Jose wants to wrest control of its subsidized rent programs from the Santa Clara County Housing Authority.

Filing Deadline Closes with No Formidable Challengers in San Jose’s 2018 Mayoral Race

The deadline to jump in the San Jose mayor’s race closed Friday with no realistic challengers for Sam Liccardo.

Did Two Politically Connected Developers Get a Pass on VTA Project’s Key Requirement?

Ties between developers and the VTA board suggest that political favors tainted bidding for a mixed-use project by the Tamien station.

San Jose City Council to Vote on Ambitious New Climate Plan

San Jose aims to become one of the first cities in the U.S. to curb greenhouse gas emissions to the levels set in the Paris accord.

Op-Ed: Google Advisory Group Must Reflect San Jose’s Diversity

San Jose Councilman Sergio Jimenez says the group advising the Google development must reflect a broad cross-section of the community.