While San Francisco Wipes Out Thousands of Pot Convictions, Santa Clara County is Slow to Act

Some hoped Santa Clara County would take a cue from San Francisco and other cities that erased pot convictions in the wake of Prop. 64.

Public Defenders’ Podcast Prods New Dialogue on Criminal Justice

Two county public defenders recently launched the “Aider & Abettor” podcast to help change the criminal justice narrative.

Sergio Jimenez, San Jose’s D2 Councilman-Elect, Sworn in Early

Councilman-elect Sergio Jimenez, who represents the Edenvale-Santa Teresa neighborhoods, starts his new job a month early and without pay.

A Look at Who’s Funding San Jose Council Races, Local Measures

Political donors have spent more than $1.6 million on three San Jose ballot measures and another $822,000 on three City Council contests.

Letter to the Editor: Selective Enforcement Is Unconstitutional

One of the men arrested in a gay cruising sting wonders how San Jose’s understaffed police force prioritized undercover ops at Columbus Park.

San Jose Police Honey-Trap Gay Men, Sparking Civil Rights Fight

A storied civil rights attorney plans to take the SJPD to task for selectively enforcing lewd conduct laws against gay men.

Op-Ed: In Defense of Brock Turner’s ‘Lenient’ Sentence

The culture of mass incarceration has warped our psyches into thinking that long prison terms are the answer to crimes like sexual assault. They’re not.

Lost in Translation: Interpreter Shortage Deprives Justice in Santa Clara County Courts

An interpreter shortage has people giving up their rights, judges acting unethically and court officials saying everything is fine.

Perdido en la Traducción en los Tribunales del Condado de Santa Clara

Debido a la falta continua de intérpretes, el sistema judicial del condado de Santa Clara ha logrado segregar a los ciudadanos con base a su idioma durante años. Por lo tanto, esta separación ha causado injusticias.

Stanford Rape Case Raises Vital Questions of Justice, Consent

Stanford students hope to foster a nuanced dialogue about justice and sexual consent in the wake of Brock Turner’s controversial sentencing.