San Jose Debates Pros, Cons of Bolstering Police Oversight

San Jose will host a City Council study session on Tuesday to talk about possibly strengthening civilian oversight of the local police force.

San Jose Mayor Commits to Expanding Police Oversight

San Jose’s mayor and two council members told the public that they will seek greater civilian oversight of local law enforcement

SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia: More Gun Control Laws Needed, Black Lives Matter a ‘Valid’ Movement

In an exclusive interview, SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia speaks out on gun control laws, Black Lives Matter and how to create a safer society.

San Jose Expected to Declare Police Staffing ‘Emergency’

To address a critical police staffing shortage, San Jose is expected to suspend union protections to reassign detectives back to patrol.

Op-Ed: POA Misses Mark with Black Lives Matter Critique

Oscar Grant’s uncle says that before San Jose’s police union makes demands of Black Lives Matter, it should hold its own officers accountable.

Stanford Expert: Strict Gun Laws Make Police, Communities Safer

Polling done after two mass shootings shows that the American public and police have drastically different views on gun control. Why is that?

Death Penalty Duel: Voters to Decide between Props. 62, 66

Come Election Day, two death penalty initiatives are up on the ballot. Both aim to fix California’s execution system, but with opposite solutions.

Blue Lives Matter, Police Union Miss Key Moment for Change by Attacking Black Lives Matter

San Jose’s police union suggests that Black Lives Matter is an illegitimate cause. But a close look at the statement shows that police miss the point.

City Hall Rally on Local Police Killings Leads to Policy Debate

At a City Hall Thursday, protesters called on San Jose’s elected officials to take a stand against local law enforcement killing people of color.