Pete Constant Throws Wrench in Mayor’s Pension Reform Plans

Pete Constant and his conservative backers are arguing that only voters have the right to change the terms of Measure B.

Carrasco Broke Rules on Gifts, Barred from Voting on Taxis

Magdalena Carrasco’s sponsored trip last fall to New York City constitutes a violation of state law and will force her to sit on the sidelines for some of this year’s most important City Council votes.

Rose Herrera Expects Expanded Role in Vice Mayor Position

Rose Herrera has enthusiastically embraced her role as veem (vice mayor of San Jose), but City Hall insiders worry the second-term council member might be taking her post a little too seriously.

Liccardo Selects Senior Staff, Dueñas Named City Manager

San Jose Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo has a new city manager in Norberto Dueñas, and now he’s got his senior staff in place. Jim Reed, vice president of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce since February 2013, will become Liccardo’s chief of staff.

Does Mayor Sam Have the Votes?

People opposed to incoming Mayor-elect Sam Liccardo are also concerned with an interim appointment to the District 4 council seat, fearing it will give the mayor a governing majority. The truth is Liccardo already has a majority.

City Council Considers Sidewalk Cycling Ban in Downtown

Following anecdotal reports of pedestrians getting jostled by passing cyclists, city officials will consider whether to ban bicyclists from downtown sidewalks.

San Jose Employees Play Fast, Loose with Work Charge Cards

An annual audit of the city of San Jose’s procurement cards (P-cards) unearthed a litany of violations—alcohol purchases, personal car rentals and way too much money spent on food.

City Considers Creating Security Camera Registry

City leaders will consider moving forward with a plan to create a security camera registry that would allow police to tap into surveillance footage from private citizens.