Ruling in Voting Rights Case Stands to Upend Political Landscape in Santa Clara

A judge’s order to split Santa Clara into six election districts could undermine Mayor Lisa Gillmor’s majority bloc on the City Council.

Judge to Decide on New Voting Districts for City of Santa Clara

A judge is hearing proposals for how to carve Santa Clara into as many as seven election districts to ensure fair representation for minorities. 

Dominic Caserta Resigns From Santa Clara Council Amid Mounting Harassment Claims

Dominic Caserta has resigned from elected office and pulled out of the county supervisor race amid mounting allegations of sexual misconduct.

Santa Clara Weekly, City Hall Reporter Carolyn Schuk Fail to Disclose Conflicts of Interest

Santa Clara Weekly failed to disclose to readers that its editorial staff runs a nonprofit that gets money from electeds and special interests.

Source: Santa Clara Exec Shown Door Due to 49ers Rent Dispute, Report on Bogus Racism Claims

Santa Clara gave Julio Fuentes a long-expected nudge off the dock last week, accelerating the city manager’s exit by more than two months.

Civil Grand Jury Investigates Stadium Authority for Levi’s Stadium, Site of Super Bowl 50

The civil grand jury has been quietly investigating the stadium authority for Levi’s Stadium, home to the San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl 50, while billionaire developers play chess for Santa Clara’s future.

Santa Clara Councilman Can’t Get It Right in Raffle Controversy

Just days before Pat Kolstad won re-election to the Santa Clara City Council last fall, he used campaign funds to enter a raffle put on by the nonprofit Mission City Community Fund. Just about everything since then has gone wrong.

A Tale of Two Cities: Santa Clara and Cupertino

The city of Santa Clara’s success is largely due to its political leadership. Elected leaders in Cupertino, on the other hand, have been an embarrassment, and none of those incumbents should be allowed to return to office.