Local Maker Emily Parker’s Journey From Civil Servant to Leather Goods Artisan

In true Silicon Valley fashion, Emily Parker launched her leather studio out of her garage before opening a storefront in Menlo Park.

ICE ‘Mistakenly’ Allowed Into Santa Clara Co. Jails, Sheriff Says

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office violated state and local sanctuary policies by allowing federal immigration agents to interview inmates.

SJPD Expected to Receive $1.6 Million in State Technology Grant

Thanks to a $1.6 million state law enforcement grant, the San Jose Police Department will be able to upgrade aging equipment.

County Sues Rx Drug Makers, Alleges ‘Campaign of Deception’

Santa Clara County filed a joint lawsuit with Orange County against the world’s five largest drug manufacturers, accusing the companies of waging a “campaign of deception” directly responsible for a national prescription drug epidemic.

Learning from Orange County’s Great Park

My journey through the new paradigm of San Jose’s parks and trails received another boost in the last month. Part of it came from a vacation to Montana, which always opens my eyes a bit and makes me reflect. But the biggest boost I received was from a tour of Los Angeles and Orange County parks.