Rep. Mike Honda’s Campaign Still Playing Fast and Loose as Ethics Scandal Approaches 2nd Year

Congressman Mike Honda has an inauspicious anniversary on the horizon, as his ethics scandal approaches its second year.

Leaked ‘1000 Cranes’ List Links Congressman Mike Honda to Pay-to-Play Actions

Earlier this month, an enveloped arrived containing what appears to be Rep. Mike Honda’s “1,000 Cranes” list, the million-dollar Rolodex of top donors.

Honda Ethics Probe Reveals Lack of Respect for Constituents

Perhaps most damning of the allegations against Congressman Mike Honda, constituent services to biggest donors were leveraged for campaign donations. Meanwhile, regular constituents with real problems, like Larry Sacks of Santa Clara, were ignored.

Congressman Under Fire: The Case Against Rep. Mike Honda

Rep. Mike Honda (D-San Jose) is under fire after his legislative staff became a runaway train, transforming itself into a campaign squadron to fend off a 2014 election challenge by Ro Khanna.

10 Biggest Takeaways from the Mike Honda Ethics Probe Report

Documents released Thursday suggest Rep. Mike Honda’s office viewed official business as a commodity to be sold in exchange for campaign support. We combed through the documents to pull out the biggest findings.

Report: ‘Substantial Reason to Believe’ Congressman Mike Honda, Staff Broke House Rules

The House Committee on Ethics will continue to investigate Rep. Mike Honda over allegations that he misused official resources on a pay-to-play scheme with campaign donors.

Report on House Ethics Probe into Mike Honda Due Thursday

Mike Honda has spent tens of thousands of campaign dollars to defend himself from a House ethics probe. No later than Thursday we’ll learn if he’ll need to keep throwing cash at the problem.

House Ethics Committee Extends Investigation into Mike Honda

The House Committee on Ethics announced Monday that it will extend its investigation into improper coordination between Congressman Mike Honda’s campaign and his House staff.

Office of Congressional Ethics Conducts Review of Mike Honda

For the last several months, the Office of Congressional Ethics has been reviewing alleged improper coordination between Mike Honda’s campaign and his official House staff.