St. Louise Regional Hospital Earns High Marks in New Report

In St. Louise, Santa Clara County will acquire a dedicated, quality staff providing adequate care, according to a court-ordered evaluation.

Santa Clara County to Buy St. Louise, O’Connor Hospitals

Santa Clara County emerged as the sole bidder for O’Connor and Saint Louise hospitals, clearing the way for it to buy the two hospitals.

County Says It Will Maintain Service Quality If It Buys St. Louise, O’Connor Hospitals

County officials pledged that its bid to buy St. Louise and O’Connor hospitals will not negatively affect services offered at the facilities.

Santa Clara County Offers to Buy O’Connor, St. Louise Hospitals

The county has offered to buy the local hospitals as part of a bankruptcy reorganization by the facilities’ parent company.

Controversial Sale of 6 Nonprofit Hospitals Up for Discussion

The state attorney general’s office will host public meetings this week on the contentious sale of six nonprofit hospitals—including two in Silicon Valley—to a multi-state, for-profit chain.

Local Hospitals Waiting for Funding News

While the healthcare imbroglio meanders on in Congress, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is being forced to decide how to resolve California’s own healthcare crisis. The state ranks last nationwide in terms of medical coverage for low income residents. This means that poor people are forced to turn to emergency rooms for everything from undiagnosed cancers to the common cold and, as a result, more than half of state hospitals are operating in the red.