Emails Show Cozy Relationship between San Jose Police, 49ers

Weeks after San Jose police suspended off-duty work with the 49ers, emails show just how cozy the relationship was between some officers and the team.

Santa Clara Waffles on Domestic Violence Resolution

Santa Clara got swept up in the NFL’s domestic violence controversy after city leaders were called out for watering down a resolution that would have taken a shot at their new business partners—the 49ers.

Justice System Deserves Blame in Ray Rice Case, Not NFL

While the world focuses on the National Football League and its policies toward domestic violence—as well as the all-important question of what commissioner Roger Goodell knew (and when)—the bigger story here is the failure of the justice system.

How Santa Clara Scored Big in Attracting the 49ers, Super Bowl L

Here it comes. The biggest, baddest sports spectacular in the United States of America. Super Bowl L—that is L as in roman numeral 50; and “L” as in “L”ove it—will be an unofficial national holiday. This is an extravaganza and event so special that it dwarfs all other sporting events. And to think it all started with one man’s vision, a letter and a personal visit.