Netflix Bows to Saudi Censors, Pulls Episode of ‘The Patriot Act’

The Los Gatos-based streaming giant yanked an early installment in the comedy series over its criticism of the kingdom’s monarchy.

Op-Ed: Will Loss of Net Neutrality Prevent Next Generation of Technological Innovation?

The repeal of net neutrality threatens to end the democratic internet, which aided in the creation of the technologies that we know and love.

When a Partner Realizes Their Spouse Isn’t Straight

Joyce Miller, a retired nurse, leads a local support group that helps straight spouses cope when their partner comes out of the closet.

Stop Living in the Past; Charter Schools Are Here to Stay

Remember when broadcast television was the only game in town? Rooftop antennas and three major networks. If you prefer that over the entertainment options today, you’re living in the past—similar to those who continue to resist innovation in our public schools.

An Open Letter to Netflix

San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio pens an open letter to Netflix, which is considering its options on where to expand operations, perhaps outside of Los Gatos. Oliverio makes his case for why the DVD and online movie streaming company should consider its neighbor, San Jose.