San Jose, Santa Clara Valley Water District Improve Flood Protections in Time for Winter

Since an historic flood in February, San Jose and the water district have spent the past nine months bolstering defenses against future disasters.

More Flood Victims File Claims Against Silicon Valley Agencies

A group of flood victims have filed claims against local agencies that they say failed to protect them from the February flood.

Water District Resists Installing Low-Tech Pumps that Might Have Prevented San Jose Flood

Silicon Valley’s flood protection agency might have prevented the Anderson Dam from overflowing earlier this year, but failed to act.

San Jose Is Lucky No One Died in Inexcusable Response to Floods

It wasn’t Katrina, but officials failed in every way when it came to notifying San Jose residents of flooding—and it could have been a lot worse.

Floodgate: How the Water District and City’s Comedy of Errors Became a Local Tragedy

An inside look at how thousands of homes in San Jose were evacuated due to heavy flooding and a comedy of errors that became a tragedy.

San Jose to Request Federal, State Aid for Flood Cleanup

San Jose says it needs federal aid to recover from the flood that forced thousands of people to flee their homes last week.

San Jose Council Considers Opening up Labor Negotiations

San Jose will consider opening up labor talks to give the public more oversight of public employee contracts, which take up half of the general fund budget. Other issues before the City Council on Tuesday include health and wellness coaching for firefighters and a fancy new fence.