SVO Apologizes Amid Backlash Over ‘Sexist,’ ‘Tone Deaf’ Email

The Silicon Valley Organization issued a public apology for the way it defended a political candidate accused of sexual harassment.

SVO Loses Members Over Response to Political Mailer

The Silicon Valley Organization drew flak for the way it responded to a campaign mailer about a candidate endorsed by its PAC.

Stanford Law Fellow Pens Book on Nation’s Triumphant Paradox: American Exceptionalism

Mugambi Jouet’s new book examines how the growing dark side of “American exceptionalism” has driven the polarization of U.S. politics.

Records Show Rep. Honda Has Wealthy Supporters of GOP, Too

Rep. Mike Honda has blasted opponent Ro Khanna for receiving money from “right wing millionaires and billionaires.” But records show Honda has received at least $115,000 over the last five years from wealthy backers who also support the GOP.

Culture of Misogyny Persists for Women in Silicon Valley Politics

Silicon Valley was once the female capital of the world for political power, but times have changed. In order to make progress, we need to not only elect more women leaders but also change the culture in which they are forced to compete.

Why Debates Don’t Matter

Debates make no difference in campaigns, especially in races where one candidate is so strong, that to share a stage with their opponent is a waste of time for the electorate and themselves.

Liar Polls and the People Who Love Them

Many current public polling organizations have mastered the art of the liar poll. These polls are designed to reflect a result, so that voters are deceived into believing that certain candidates or issues are winning, when clearly they are not.

Education Should be Part of the Debate

At 6pm tonight at Hofstra University, the second Presidential Debate of 2012 will take place. Debate moderator Candy Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent, will introduce the candidates for a Town Hall meeting format. The stakes for the two candidates are huge, especially for the incumbent.

Hey, Stupid: Please Don’t Vote

The San Jose City Lights production of “44 plays for 44 Presidents” is terrific for political hacks, history majors and local political wannabes. It is engaging, poignant and most people will learn something new of the Presidency. But—**spoiler alert**—the ending does encourage everyone to register and vote. In the spirit of democracy, I respectfully disagree.