Khanna Campaign Manager Accused of Illegally Accessing Rep. Honda’s Donor Database

Rep. Mike Honda has accused Ro Khanna’s campaign of illegally downloading fundraising data and using it to contact the congressman’s backers.

Rep. Mike Honda’s Campaign Still Playing Fast and Loose as Ethics Scandal Approaches 2nd Year

Congressman Mike Honda has an inauspicious anniversary on the horizon, as his ethics scandal approaches its second year.

Honda Campaign a Sinking Ship after Losing Primary, Key Staff

Mike Honda’s primary election defeat to Ro Khanna almost certainly spells deuces for the congressman, and people are jumping ship.

Records Show Rep. Honda Has Wealthy Supporters of GOP, Too

Rep. Mike Honda has blasted opponent Ro Khanna for receiving money from “right wing millionaires and billionaires.” But records show Honda has received at least $115,000 over the last five years from wealthy backers who also support the GOP.

Nonprofit Supporter of Rep. Mike Honda Might Have Violated IRS Rules on Political Campaigning

Rep. Mike Honda held a karaoke fundraiser last month. But the nonprofit exec who hosted the event might have violated IRS rules on political campaigning.

Leaked ‘1000 Cranes’ List Links Congressman Mike Honda to Pay-to-Play Actions

Earlier this month, an enveloped arrived containing what appears to be Rep. Mike Honda’s “1,000 Cranes” list, the million-dollar Rolodex of top donors.