SCCOE Superintendent Lies Under Oath, Accuses Reporter of Hacking His Facebook Account

County schools chief Jon Gundry offered conflicting accounts about flouting the Public Records Act—while under oath.

County Schools Chief Jon Gundry Accused of Racism, Harassment, Paranoia in Retaliation Lawsuit

Last week, a judge ruled that a lawsuit could continue to trial against the county Office of Education and superintendent of schools.

Lawsuit: SCCOE Schools Chief Jon Gundry Tried to Hide Income, Conceal Consulting Contracts

County schools chief Jon Gundry hid income and secret contracts before firing a whistleblower last year, according to a federal lawsuit.

County Office of Education Ever-So-Gently Scolded on Diversity

A coordinated plan to put the Santa Clara County Office of Education on notice last week ended up being the equivalent of a protest dress rehearsal.

County Schools Chief Fires 2 Employees Without Cause, Taxpayers on Hook for $560,216

None of county Superintendent of Schools Jon Gundry’s secret contracts and subsequent under-sight reaches the level of the latest bad deal.

County Office of Ed Says It’s ‘Well Functioning’ Despite Staff Purge

At a certain point one has to wonder if this has been Superintendent Jon Gundry’s plan all along: change disclosure policies on consulting contracts; discreetly hand out a bunch of big-dollar deals; fire the internal watchdogs; and rule through fear and intimidation so any other objectors resign.