Meg Whitman

Silicon Valley CEOs Need PR Tips

The titans of Silicon Valley need some personal public relation advisors. Marissa Mayer, Tim Cook, Meg Whitman, Scott McNealy and many others fail to grasp the most basic PR concepts. They don’t have to look far for good role models. David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Steve Jobs and Gordon Moore were masters at molding their public image.


How People Hide Political Contributions

Linda Toeniskoetter is a yoga instructor, Kelley Rubino is a hair stylist, Kristina Campisi is a homemaker, and Lee Brandenburg is retired; but they’re all major contributors to local campaigns. Make no mistake, the contributions are legal and the contributors have every right to engage in the political system. But their listed occupations fail to connect them to interests that normally cause people to become major players in local politics.


Area Youth Need Volunteers’ Help

We live in an extraordinary community where you often hear stories of philanthropists writing large checks from their foundations to personal causes. Last week, Meg Whitman announced in East San Jose that she is giving $2.5 million to Summit Charter schools for 10 new 400 student high schools over the next decade. That same amount would pay for youth gang prevention services for up to 14 San Jose Schools in six districts for four years. Let me explain.

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Charter Schools Receive Meg(a) Bucks

The Bay Area’s public school system sustained another groin kick of aggressive generosity Tuesday when politically ambitious billionaire Meg Whitman bestowed $2.5 million on South Bay and Peninsula charter school programs. Apparently, the maid-firing former eBay exec didn’t spend all her money losing last year’s race for governor to Jerry Brown.


Camp Campbell

A thicket of extended TV truck antennas crowded the paseo between the two Fairmont towers, so we pulled up and asked the doorman which millionaire had rented the ballroom. Meg Whitman?

Steve Poizner? Actually, former Congressman Tom Campbell had secured a small room off the alley to put the best face possible on his noble but doomed U.S. Senate bid. As Carly Fiorina pulled ahead in the early returns, we asked Campbell about the influence of money in politics this year.

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What’s a Megasaurus?

A couple of Sundays ago. the San Jose Mercury News ran a front page story with the headline, “Megasaurus’ $150 Million Bid For Governor.”  What’s a Megasaurus?  Is it fair for the newspaper to attach such a label to Meg Whitman, a serious candidate for Governor of California?