South Bay Police Struggle to Enforce Laws Against Stoned Driving in Wake of Legalization

Families who lost loved ones to drugged driving worry that the state’s inability to consistently enforce DUI laws will put other lives at risk.

San Jose City Council Looks at Ways to Salvage Tiny Homes Plan

The San Jose City Council on Tuesday will consider how to salvage its proposal to build tiny home communities for the homeless.

County’s Homeless Death Toll Increases 164 Percent from 2011

The number of people dying on the streets of Santa Clara County has risen by 164 percent since 2011, according to a new report.

‘Home Alone’ Actor John Heard Found Dead in South Bay Hotel

Actor John Heard, known for playing the father in the Home Alone movies, died Friday in a Palo Alto hotel room.

Daughter Searches for Father after San Jose Storms, Floods

With the floods displacing thousands of San Jose residents, including the homeless, families say some of their loved ones are unaccounted for.

County’s Homeless Death Count More than Doubles from 2015

The number of homeless people who died in Santa Clara County this year more than doubled from 2015, according to newly released data.