Election 2018: San Jose Voters to Decide Fate of Four Local Measures on November Ballot

Come Election Day, San Jose voters will vote on four citywide measures. Here’s a look at what local voters will see on their Nov. 6 ballots.

How San Jose Went from Being the ‘Wild West of Weed’ to a Bastion for Legal Cannabis

While many neighboring suburbs still cling to cannabis prohibitions, San Jose has become the de facto weed capital of Silicon Valley.

Endorsement: Yes on Measure U

Measure U would do three good and important things. First, while it would not explicitly legalize San Jose’s medical marijuana dispensaries, it would no doubt offer them a powerful degree of legitimacy, and make it easier for them to provide services to their patients, it would protect. Second, it would begin the process of creating a regulatory framework under which medi-pot clubs and collectives operate. Third, it would create a potentially significant new revenue stream for the city.