Wildfire Smoke Prompts VTA to Offer Free Rides; South Bay Public Schools Remain in Session

As the air continues to register as hazardous in the South Bay, the VTA is offering free rides while schools promise to excuse absences.

Silicon Valley Schools Shut Down Due to Air Quality Concerns

This week’s unhealthy air quality from the deadly Camp Fire has prompted schools and most colleges in the South Bay to shut down.

South Bay Lawmakers Request State Audit of Embattled Alum Rock Union School District

State lawmakers are pushing for an audit to investigate claims of fraud and self-dealing at the embattled Alum Rock Union School District.

Santa Clara County Board of Education Appoints New Superintendent, Trustee

The Santa Clara County Board of Education has appointed Dr. Mary Ann Dewan as superintendent and Kathleen King as its new Area 2 trustee. 

Trustee Michael Chang Resigns from County Education Board

Santa Clara County Board of Education trustee Michal Chang resigned from his post earlier this week to spend time with his ailing mother.

In Defense of the Santa Clara County Office of Education

Writing once a week on the subject of education since being elected to the Santa Clara County Board of Education has been a privilege. In two weeks I will pen my 300th and last column.

County Office of Ed Says It’s ‘Well Functioning’ Despite Staff Purge

At a certain point one has to wonder if this has been Superintendent Jon Gundry’s plan all along: change disclosure policies on consulting contracts; discreetly hand out a bunch of big-dollar deals; fire the internal watchdogs; and rule through fear and intimidation so any other objectors resign.

Task Force Formed in Response to Walden West Child Abuse Case

The Santa Clara County Office of Education will form a task force to review the policies of Walden West Science Camp, which seems to have enabled an alleged child predator to work as a camp counselor for kids.