Water District Allocates $1.4 Million to Clear Creekside Homeless Encampments

The Santa Clara Valley Water District says it spent $1.4 million this year on 571 cleanups of creekside camps in San Jose and South County.

Water District Resists Installing Low-Tech Pumps that Might Have Prevented San Jose Flood

Silicon Valley’s flood protection agency might have prevented the Anderson Dam from overflowing earlier this year, but failed to act.

South Bay Activists Threaten to Sue over Water Fluoridation

Plans to start fluoridating the public water supply in Santa Clara Valley have drawn some backlash and threats of litigation.

Former Water District CEO Beau Goldie Using Staff to Organize His Golf Course Retirement Party

Former water district CEO Beau Goldie still has staff running his errands in advance of his swank retirement party at a local golf club.

Water District: CEO Can Do What He Wants, No Paper Trail Needed

The Golden Spigot has got some brass. That’s the only way to explain the explanations coming from the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Water District Redacts Interview about Staff Sharing Nude Photos, Racist Jokes with Work Emails

Santa Clara Valley Water District staff has shared emails with nude photos and racist and homophobic jokes. Many were sent under CEO Beau Goldie’s watch.

Drought Inspires Cash-for-Grass Rebates, Native Gardening Trend

With California slogging through its fourth year of an apocalyptic dry spell—the worst in 106 years—a new market has emerged for drought-tolerant landscapes.

By the Numbers: Surviving the Drought

It’s been two decades since water officials have asked the public to cut back this much on water consumption. But with reservoirs at just a third of capacity and rain a rarity aside from the last couple weeks, the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) is asking residents to dial down water use by 20 percent.