San Jose Revisits Discussion on Commercial Linkage Fees

A group of City Council members hope to revive a discussion about commercial linkage fees to fund new affordable housing.

Santa Clara County Accepting Applications for Transgender Services Program Manager

Santa Clara County as accepting applications for a program manager for transgender services, a position funded in the 2018-19 fiscal year budget.

Pokémon Go Takes Over Silicon Valley, But Sparks Controversy

Pokémon Go takes the South Bay and the world by storm, but raises concerns about privacy, safety and the social inequities of the real world.

City Hall Still Observes Columbus Day, For Some Reason

Columbus Day has been called “the strangest of American holidays,” the least-liked and least-respected, a commemoration of an egomaniac who wouldn’t ask for directions and launched a centuries-long era of cultural genocide. So, why do we still celebrate it in San Jose?

Clerk Discovers Historical Docs; Authenticity up for Review

Hundreds of historical documents were discovered in May, sealed in a combination safe on the second floor of San Jose’s City Hall. There is some debate about their authenticity, but an assortment of meeting minutes and letters provide a unique perspective of San Jose’s rural roots.

City Manager Opposes Abusive Library Patron’s PRA Request

A woman has been waging war with the city, emailing reams of records requests punctuated by verbal abuse.