Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran Vows to Follow Through on Recall Threat

After years on the defensive, the Milpitas mayor is flexing his political muscles, threatening to make good on a threat to oust a political foe.

Election 2018: Close Races to Watch in Santa Clara County

A week after Election Day, voter turnout is on track to reach 60 percent while roughly 100,000 ballots remain uncounted.

Milpitas Mayor Slammed for Tone-Deaf Comments, Awkward Hugs, Offbeat Rap Performance

Rich Tran came under fire this week after the city of Milpitas released a report detailing claims of inappropriate conduct by the young mayor.

Milpitas City Manager Charged Personal Legal Fees to Taxpayers

According to records obtained by San Jose Inside, Milpitas City Manager Tom Williams tried to charge taxpayers for his personal legal expenses.

Milpitas City Manager Accused of Misusing Taxpayer Money

Milpitas once again finds itself at odds with its city manager, whose litigious posturing has triggered a probe into suspected corruption.

Milpitas City Manager ‘Praised’ after Personnel Investigation

Tom Williams, city manager for Milpitas, sent out a navel-gazing press release Monday praising his work following a personnel investigation.

Milpitas Mayor ‘King Esteves’ Tabs Odd Choice for Appointment

Failed Milpitas council candidate and patent attorney Rajeev Madnawat freaked people out in October when he threatened to leave an outgoing councilman “lifeless” and embarked on a social media rampage. But it appears Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves is willing to look past all of that.

Milpitas Council Candidate Threatens to Leave Political Adversary ‘lifeless or in prison’

A discussion over corporate influence in Milpitas politics took a dark turn last week when Rajeev Madnawat, a candidate for City Council, lobbed a thinly veiled death threat against termed-out Councilman Armando Gomez.