County Schools Chief Jon Gundry Accused of Racism, Harassment, Paranoia in Retaliation Lawsuit

Last week, a judge ruled that a lawsuit could continue to trial against the county Office of Education and superintendent of schools.

Lawsuit: SCCOE Schools Chief Jon Gundry Tried to Hide Income, Conceal Consulting Contracts

County schools chief Jon Gundry hid income and secret contracts before firing a whistleblower last year, according to a federal lawsuit.

County Office of Education Ever-So-Gently Scolded on Diversity

A coordinated plan to put the Santa Clara County Office of Education on notice last week ended up being the equivalent of a protest dress rehearsal.

County Schools Chief Fires 2 Employees Without Cause, Taxpayers on Hook for $560,216

None of county Superintendent of Schools Jon Gundry’s secret contracts and subsequent under-sight reaches the level of the latest bad deal.

County Office of Ed Says It’s ‘Well Functioning’ Despite Staff Purge

At a certain point one has to wonder if this has been Superintendent Jon Gundry’s plan all along: change disclosure policies on consulting contracts; discreetly hand out a bunch of big-dollar deals; fire the internal watchdogs; and rule through fear and intimidation so any other objectors resign.

Almost No Paper Trail Exists for $250K County Schools Contract

Jon Gundry, Santa Clara County’s chief education official, has a math problem. And he hasn’t been showing his work.