San Jose Considers Impartial Review of Citywide Tax Measure

Two San Jose City Council members have called for an unbiased review of a citywide tax measure that was filed last week and is angling for the 2016 ballot.

San Jose May Study Commercial Development Housing Fees

The City Council will debate whether to commission a study on charging an affordable housing fee for commercial development.

San Jose’s Top Marijuana Official Denies Threatening Collectives

San Jose’s top marijuana official has been accused of threatening collectives at a meeting earlier this month. The city disputes the claim.

San Jose to Revise Campaign Laws Ahead of 2016 Elections

San Jose is expected to nix a voluntary spending cap and change several other local election laws to match state requirements.

San Jose Councilmen Vent in Letter to President Obama; Honda Staffer Stifles Free Speech

The U.S. ambassador to Vietnam paid a visit to San Jose’s City Hall this summer, and since that time pretty much all hell has broken loose.