Netflix Bows to Saudi Censors, Pulls Episode of ‘The Patriot Act’

The Los Gatos-based streaming giant yanked an early installment in the comedy series over its criticism of the kingdom’s monarchy.

Donated Workspace Helps South Bay Nonprofits Stay Local Despite Skyrocketing Rents

Silicon Valley nonprofits stave off commercial rent hikes thank to an initiative that matches public-benefit groups with donated workspace.

Court Watchdog Arrested Just Weeks after Violent Encounter with Sheriff Deputy over Video

Susan Bassi, a local court watchdog who says she got her hand broken by a bailiff last month, had another unfortunate run-in with officials.

Nudist Camp Owners Accused of Water Theft by District Attorney

Owners and employees of a Los Gatos nudist resort face criminal charges after authorities accused them of stealing water from a local creek.

San Jose Planning Official Leaving for Town of Los Gatos

San Jose is about to lose another of its lead planning directors, Laurel Prevetti, who accepted a job as Assistant Town Manager of Los Gatos.

An Open Letter to Netflix

San Jose Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio pens an open letter to Netflix, which is considering its options on where to expand operations, perhaps outside of Los Gatos. Oliverio makes his case for why the DVD and online movie streaming company should consider its neighbor, San Jose.