How Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Washington Virtues Became California Vulnerabilities

The very qualities that lead some in California in to eye Feinstein as vulnerable are viewed by many in Washington as assets.

Nationwide ICE Raids Lead to 21 Arrests in Santa Clara County

Federal immigration agents arrested 21 people from Santa Clara County as part of a nationwide crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities.

‘A Day Without a Woman’ Rally Draws Hundreds to City Hall

A diverse crowd of several hundred came together Wednesday at San Jose City Hall for the “A Day Without a Woman” rally.

Santa Clara County Announces Intent to Sue President Trump over ‘Sanctuary City’ Order

Santa Clara County plans to sue POTUS over his crackdown on so-called sanctuary jurisdictions that protect immigrants from deportation.

Rising Seas, Federal Inaction and Donald Trump Turn Climate Change into a Local Issue

Faced with a science-averse president-elect, local communities have no choice but to fend for themselves in the fight against climate change.

From San Jose to D.C., Women Lead the Way in Election 2016

To help you make sense of the craziness that is the 2016 election, here’s our guide on how to vote from the nation’s highest office to city hall.

Protest Held at Jail after Release of Stanford Rapist Brock Turner

Brock Turner walked out of jail after three months of incarceration for sexually assaulting a woman last year after a campus party.

Beall, Nguyen, San Jose City Hall Take Big Wins in Primary Election

State Sen. Jim Beall and Assembly hopeful Madison Nguyen won big in their primary races, while San Jose saw two ballot measure victories.