Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran Vows to Follow Through on Recall Threat

After years on the defensive, the Milpitas mayor is flexing his political muscles, threatening to make good on a threat to oust a political foe.

Milpitas Mayor Rich Tran Condemns Malicious Ad Linking Him to Communist Vietnam

A mailer painting Rich Tran as a communist backfired by drawing fierce condemnation on whoever sent the offending literature.

Candidates Begin Lining Up for County Supervisor Races

We’re still 16 months from the 2018 primary, but a huge group is already lining up to run for two county supervisor seats.

Milpitas City Manager ‘Praised’ after Personnel Investigation

Tom Williams, city manager for Milpitas, sent out a navel-gazing press release Monday praising his work following a personnel investigation.

Orozco Wins District 4 Primary, Write-In Ballots Raise Questions

A special election took place in Santa Clara County last week and something unusual happened—it went smoothly. Well, maybe not that smooth for one candidate.

Milpitas Mayor ‘King Esteves’ Tabs Odd Choice for Appointment

Failed Milpitas council candidate and patent attorney Rajeev Madnawat freaked people out in October when he threatened to leave an outgoing councilman “lifeless” and embarked on a social media rampage. But it appears Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves is willing to look past all of that.

Story of the Week: Milpitas Councilmember Steals Ex-Husband’s Mailbox?

noun ˈgad-ˌflī
1: any of various flies (as a horsefly, botfly, or warble fly) that bite or annoy livestock
2: a person who stimulates or annoys especially by persistent criticism

This story involves definition No. 2, but we’re not here to make fun of a strident citizen in the snarky manner you might expect. No, this Story of the Week focuses on a gadfly getting the best of an elected official. The whole deal is pretty absurd, so, of course, it happened in Milpitas.