Op-Ed: We Need Housing, Not Parking, at Old City Hall Annex

This is an opportunity for the county to save a viable building from demolition and to provide much-needed housing for the homeless.

Santa Clara County Supervisors Urged to Consider Housing—Not Parking—for Old City Hall Annex

Plans to convert San Jose’s old City Hall Annex into a parking lot instead of housing for the homeless has drawn the ire of a prominent developer.

Cristo Rey Offers New School Model

Recently, I was asked to take part in a community stakeholder interview for Cristo Rey High School in San Jose, which is currently going through a feasibility study. The landscape of public and private schools in Silicon Valley looks the same to many as it did in 1980. However, in reality, the new scene is vastly different and rapid change is occurring. One of these changes is a focus on corporate work-study programs.

Billionaires and Nonprofit Organizations

Why are there so few John Sobratos? In one of the richest areas of the world, there is a dearth of giving among the wealthiest in our midst. Many of the social problems we currently suffer could be alleviated by smart programs and a relatively small commitment from the people who have benefited the most from American opportunity.