Chamber CEO Matt Mahood Joins Republican Exodus over Trump

Matt Mahood left the GOP this summer, making him the first non-Republican to lead Silicon Valley’s chamber of commerce in years.

If Donald Trump Wins then… A Silicon Valley Transplant’s Guide on Moving to Canada

The chances of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States has some people jumpy. But jumpy enough to move to Canada?

Election Night 2014 Slideshow

The votes have been counted—most of them anyway—and it’s time to reflect on all that went into the 2014 Midterm elections. But before we do that, here’s a collection of photos from the night that was make or break for local politicos.

Accountability Mailer or Hit Piece?

Here comes the clutter of political advertisements. The public’s least favorite time of year, when mailboxes are full of negative mailers and television ads assault the senses. First rule to remember: there is nothing that can’t be said in politics, no matter how outrageous the claim.

Ernie Konnyu Has Meltdown in Facebook Fight with Jim Cunneen

Ernie Konnyu has been on a terrifying roll when it comes to making the people he likes look bad. On Friday, Konnyu attacked the Chamber PAC and Jim Cunneen for supporting State Assembly candidate Evan Low—mainly because Low is gay and Konnyu believes gay blood kills people.

The Importance of the Secretary of State and a Stolen Election

Dan Schnur, an independent candidate for California’s secretary of state position, served as a political consultant to John McCain, back when the Arizona senator was still a maverick running against George W. Bush. We have had tremendous disagreements on some policy issues, but we have similar views when it comes to integrity in government, the honesty of elections, the enhancement of voting rights and the education of voters.

Wasserman Leads with a Moderate Touch

Mike Wasserman, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, gave an inspirational State of the County address Tuesday. While talking about public safety, he related the story of his mother being rushed to the emergency room by local firefighters, who helped save her life. It was a personal story that showed the role government plays and the everyday services that some people take for granted.

Braunstein Congratulates Khamis on Win

At 8:58 this morning, Robert Braunstein sent out a mass email congratulating Johnny Khamis on his victory. “The voters of District 10 made their choice,” he wrote. “I know Johnny will work hard on City Council to represent San Jose and this District well.”

The Death of the Republican Party

Where does a Mike Wasserman, Laurie Smith or Jim Cunneen go? These quintessential Silicon Valley moderate Republicans are out of step with their current party. They are tolerated as Republicans, but with no real enthusiasm from the declining, myopic base of their current party. Republicans are an endangered species in California and the moderates within the party have been driven out by the hard-right agenda that is an anathema to a growing multicultural state.

The Great Minimum Wage War

The South Bay Labor Council held a kickoff party Tuesday night promoting the November ballot initiative to raise the city’s minimum wage to $10. While many expect the coming months of debate to be framed in 99 vs. 1 percent terms—labor groups and low-wage workers battling lobbying heavyweights like the California Restaurant Association (word is the lobbyist group has already kicked in millions to defeat a similar federal ballot measure)—it seems some incongruous characters in Silicon Valley are working toward a compromise.