Sheriff Challenger John Hirokawa Blames Santa Clara Co. Elections Staff for Missing Key Deadline

The ex-undersheriff says he neglected to refile a candidate statement out of confusion and because the county misinformed him.

Out + Smart in Silicon Valley: The New Faces of Gay Politics as the Breakthrough Generation Retires

Will quiet bias keep LGBTQ candidates out of office, or has shifting consciousness made the South Bay a safe place to run a gay campaign?

Santa Clara County Sheriff Outmaneuvers Re-Election Challenger for Key Endorsement

Laurie Smith won two key union endorsements, making the bid to unseat her that much more of an uphill battle.

Silicon Valley Democrats Charter New Club for Bernie Boosters

South Bay Dems say they won’t let infighting distract them from advancing their platform both nationally and here at home.

California Democrats Still Split on Bernie, New State Party Chair

With its raucous election for party chair, the Golden State’s donkey party made for all sorts of colorful headlines this past weekend.

South Bay LGBT Political Group Tries to Recoup after Losing Momentum in 2016

BAYMEC, one of the South Bay’s leading LGBT organizations, is trying to recover after losing more than half its board of directors this past year.

Year in Preview: 2017

San Jose Inside published its annual Year in Review list last week. Now we give you our prognostications of what’s to come in 2017.

Santa Clara County Considers ‘Healthy Nail Salon’ Ordinance

Santa Clara County may enact a health ordinance to protect nail technicians, who work long hours around toxic chemicals. About 80 percent of the 7,200 registered nail technicians in the county are Vietnamese. The vast majority are immigrant women, around childbearing age, who report headaches, pregnancy complications and other health problems because of the work […]