San Jose Unveils ‘Tiny Homes’ Prototype Ahead of Vote on Pilot Homeless Shelter Program

San Jose expects to have 80 tiny cabins built by next summer to house homeless people until they find a long-term place to stay.

San Jose Vies for FAA Funding to Replace Aircraft Rescue Facility

San Jose is trying to secure federal grants to replace its 58-year-old aircraft rescue and firefighting facility, which has fallen into disrepair.

Waste Piles Up in San Jose as China Limits Recycling Imports

Paper and plastics tossed by U.S. consumers into their blue bins have been piling up ever since China tightened import restrictions.

San Jose City Council to Vote on Key Changes to Local Rent Laws

San Jose leaders will consider key changes to the city’s rent laws, including some that empower landlords and others that favor tenants.

Citing Transparency Issues, San Jose May Part Ways with Santa Clara County Housing Authority

San Jose wants to wrest control of its subsidized rent programs from the Santa Clara County Housing Authority.

City Council Rejects Proposal to Link Rent Control Cap to Inflation

San Jose city leaders again rejected a proposal to link rent hikes to inflation, which advocates hoped would offer relief to cash-strapped tenants.

San Jose Reconsiders Proposal to Relax Gift Limit for Politicians

On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council will decide whether to walk back a gift limit increase by keeping the $50 cap set in 2004.

San Jose Enacts Immediate Ban on No-Cause Evictions

The decision came after four hours of heated testimony marked by jeers from landlords who called city officials thieves and communists.

San Jose Debates When to Enact Ban on No-Cause Evictions

Two weeks after voting to outlaw no-cause evictions for all tenants, San Jose’s City Council will decide when to enact the new rule.

Following Historic Vote on Rent Protections, San Jose Considers Ban on Voucher Discrimination

Nearly half of of San Jose’s elected leaders want to prevent landlords from discriminating against recipients of housing subsidies.